We are a team of creative and driven lighting designers based in the heart of Bristol, working on projects both nationally and internationally in the residential and commercial sectors.

Lighting is not just about switching lights on and off; for us it is a way to enhance any space and an essential element in achieving the desired atmosphere. We work closely throughout the project with our clients and other members of the design team to deliver the best end result. In order to execute this we strongly believe in being independent of manufacturers and always specify on merit rather than margin.

Lighting is a fast paced industry where new discoveries and innovations happen on a weekly basis. We know the importance of keeping abreast of developments and technologies, constantly researching new ways to make sure you receive the best possible solution for your project.

Dominic Triggs

Dominic Triggs

I set up Re:light having worked for a lighting designer/supplier which exposed a need for a truly independent lighting consultancy based in the South West.

This proved valid as Re:light has grown over the years to become a well-recognised name in creative and independent lighting design. Being hands on and involved in projects throughout the process is still very important to me and I enjoy working closely with creative and design focused clients and teams.

Building a strong team around me who share my commitment has been vital to the whole process and will play a key role in the future development and growth of the company.


Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly

Lighting Designer

I came to work at Re:light on a summer work placement while at university. On graduating with a 1st class degree in Interior Design & Architecture I was delighted to take up a permanent position as a lighting designer.

Lighting is exiting area to work in as it enhances spaces and gives endless possibilities for creative and interesting solutions. I enjoy meeting and working with new people on a daily basis to ensure that the lighting exceeds the project requirements to perfect the space.


Karoliina Helin

Karoliina Helin

Lighting Designer, Head of Marketing

I joined Re:light after finishing a degree in Interior Architecture and fell in love with all things lighting. It combines the creativity of art and the technicalities of engineering which I find very intriguing. I also take care of our marketing, which gives me the perfect opportunity to develop our company while seeing what others are doing in the industry at the same time. It is a great excuse to go and see people in all those industry events