Our Services Include:

Initial site visit: to discuss your individual lighting requirements

High level lighting concept design: producing storyboards which show:

ideas for placement of light sources
examples of suitable lighting styles and techniques
ideas for light fittings and control systems

From the concept design comes the detailed lighting design,which consists of:

luminaire layouts and circuitry in CAD format
circuit loading and switching schedules
an open specification including luminaire data sheets and detailed pricing information
design drawings for building works related to lighting details
Detailed light level calculations and computer generated images (CGI) of the space to visualise the proposed lighting scheme where required
Samples & on-site lighting trials
Lighting product procurement: recommendation, specification and supply of light fittings to suit your scheme, including management of lead and delivery times to suit your schedule
Custom-made lighting: design, commissioning and supply of unique light fittings where required
Project management: working as the link between you and your contractors to implement the scheme
Commissioning of lighting control systems to set scenes


All Re:light lighting schemes are compliant with LG7, Part L of the Building Regulations with regard to energy conservation, and the British Standards code of practice.

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