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Our Services

Our Services

Full Design

Full design includes all necessary documents that are required for a coherent completion of the desired lighting effect in every project. Whether you want us to design the whole building or only key spaces, the full design package gives you everything from concept to final site support.

Partial Design

Partial design is tailored for you to include only the documents you wish to have. The most common partial designs are: ‘Concept & Fittings’ and ‘Fittings & Layouts’. This service is suitable when you don’t require a full design an related documentation. We also offer a partial design based on an hourly rate for small works.

Lighting Calculations

Lighting calculations tell you the exact light levels you will receive within the space and its visual effects on surfaces. We have extensive experience in lighting calculations using programs such as Dialux to meet building regulations or planning requirements. Calculating light levels is most commonly used in the commercial environment; however, it can also be required in residential projects when working with large spaces or where light spill and environmental factors are key.


If there is already a fully developed lighting design scheme in place, we can assist with the specification only. We will source the appropriate fittings for the lighting layouts and budget, ensuring you have the right products for your design.
This service is chargeable; however, we provide quotations from manufacturers with discounts for you to procure directly.



Often light fittings are ordered by the client, contractor or electrician. We offer an open-book procurement based on a fixed fee agreement. We can include this within the original client agreement or this option can be taken up at a later date.


Initially, in the client agreement, we will allow for a certain number of site/design meetings based on experience. If additional meetings are required these can be agreed on a fixed fee basis.