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2022 Lighting Design Trends: Bring Nature Inside

January 19, 2022

Over several blogs Re:light is shining a spotlight on the key 2022 lighting design trends. Our first blog of 2022 is all about keeping it natural.

Lockdown, for many of us, meant spending more time in the great outdoors and getting back to nature. According to a study by the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence, 700,000 Londoners left the capital during the pandemic to go to towns and rural areas.

Along with more of us escaping to the countryside, the last year or so have put sustainability and ethical shopping centre stage for many of us. These shifts have without doubt influenced the world interior design and key 2022 trends include soft, earthy colours, simple designs, ethically sourced fabrics and furnishing and ‘cottage core’. Here’s how this new natural aesthetic is shaping lighting design looks this year.

1) Natural Materials
The design trend toward the use of sustainable and natural materials continues into 2022 and lighting is no exception.

Wood, glass, bamboo, fabric, seagrass, stone and rattan are still in, with twine, rope, burlap, and wood beads gaining popularity.

Indecortrends.com says, “Everything that has a reference to nature is in fashion, for example, a floor lamp with leaves, a sconce with a shade in the form of a blossoming flower, or a chandelier made of “twigs”.

2) Earthy Colours
Green is definitely a go-to colour for this year, along with earthy brown, ocean blue, honey beige and sandy yellow.

Mix natural-coloured shades with a boldly hued statement piece. You could combine beiges and greys with a black statement light or add a dash of mustard yellow to a brown and green scheme. Navy blue is another statement colour to use, or a pop of pink.

3) Simple Shapes
Along with natural materials, there is a shift to shapes that are inspired by elements such as leaves, twigs and flowers. Choose simple minimalist shapes without fussy, elaborate or unnecessary details.

Ball shaped lights, whether transparent, translucent or opaque, are going to be popular, as well as cocoon style, which create a cosy, warm environment. The cocoon is the perfect option for your bedroom or to create a soothing vibe in your living room.


So ramp up that rattan, tone down the colours and keep things simple in 2022.

Images: Unsplash