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Thatchers Cider Headquarters

commercial project

The Brief

Relight was commissioned in 2018 to design the lighting for the new Thatchers Cider HQ. Thatchers wanted a theme that was not only modern but also referenced their 100-year heritage as one of Somerset’s foremost cider producers.
The multifunctional space needed to allow for seventy desks, meeting rooms, eating areas, breakout areas, conference rooms and meeting booths.

The Site

The lighting needed to serve the different functions of each area while creating an integrated and consistent feel. It also had to work with architectural features including spiral staircases, high ceilings and glass walls. The lighting needed to allow for the varied needs of the staff and compliment the natural light, wooden cladding and colour scheme of rusts and reds.


“The lighting works so well; it was a tricky space to light as the desks sit in a triple height volume. Task lights on each desk gives individual control to each member of staff, a choice as to how light their own desk surface is. Overall, it feels so light and airy in the main space with a complete contrast for the closed areas.

“For the other areas he created lighting that could be easily controlled behind the scenes so they could be optimised for their multiple functions. His solutions perfectly matched the aesthetic of our modern, holistic design for the space and our use of natural materials and warm colours.”

Tracey Wylde, Interior Architect and Project Lead