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Light Up Your Co-working Space

September 27, 2021

In a co-working space, lighting is a key factor to consider, as the correct lighting can have a big impact on productivity and mood. Lots of us are using co-working spaces these days. They usually offer a variety of options to suit everyone’s working style (and budget) – from private offices, shared desks and barstools to comfy break out spaces.

It may seem obvious but cooler toned overhead lighting is best for focused working. If you have an adjustable desk light, so much the better.

Ideal lighting for more relaxed working or conversations is warmer yellow or orange overhead lights and some focused lights to add atmosphere.

In a perfect world your office would have circadian or human centric lighting, like the system we used for the Thatchers Cider HQ. This is where the colour and intensity can be adjusted through a controlled dimming system, to correlate with time of day. Light fixtures are set to a lower intensity in the early morning, transition to a higher intensity as the day goes on and reduce to a lower intensity in the evening.

So, if you’re viewing a co-working space, lighting should be high on your list of priorities. Take a good look at the overhead and desk lighting, choose a desk or room where the lighting is best and ask if they have human-centric lighting.

Thatchers Cider HQ co-working space lighting

All images: Nick Smith