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Pendant Light Trends

November 22, 2021

Industrial style lighting has been around for a while but at Re:light we still love a pendant light! But as we look to 2022 is the pendant lighting trend still on point… or are they passé?



Pendants are ideal for the workplace. In receptions, break out spaces and eating areas they add a bit of retro glamour and are highly effective at softening the hard edges of a modern industrial office space.

Re:light have used industrial style metal pendant lights to create warm and individual spaces. At cider maker Thatchers brand-new HQ we hung pendants above a vintage apple press that had been re-purposed as a glass meeting table. The bulbs complete the steampunk look and the gold tones encourage focussed but warm conversations.

At cheesemakers Wyke Farms we used copper pendants to create a welcoming atmosphere at the new HQ’s entrance and modern staircase. Creating a feature of these pendant lights encourages visitors to look up and admire the vintage photos that tell the brand’s story. We chose the copper tones to create an inviting feel and to complement the sepia tones of the photos. Both projects were completed in collaboration with Wylde Interior Architecture.



Pendants are also great for homes to add unique touches – and the good news is pendants will still be in next year! For a 2022 vibe, Hackrea recommends choosing pendants in natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rattan – even rope and stone. As 2022 interior design will emphasise simplicity, you could go for clear glass too.

Build.com suggests spreading linear pendants out to create a statement over kitchen islands, dining tables, entry ways, and more. Hanging pendants over the side of the bed has also become a popular way to light up your bedroom.

If you still want the metal effect, consider steel, brass, gold and copper – if paired with back that’s even better!

Image from hackrea.com

Image from build.com